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What Is Keto Coffee

Keto diet? Keto coffee? Bulletproof coffee? All these terms can get really confusing at times. The reality is that they all are based on a better way of fueling the body. A healthier alternative to what has been mainstream for so long. But to make the best choices for ourselves, we do need to understand the differences between them. Before we get to coffee and exactly what keto coffee is, we first need to map out the differences between keto and bulletproof. 

Keto vs. Bulletproof diets and the main differences between them 

Both are low carb, high-fat diets, and sometimes these terms are used interchangeably. However, that is not correct. While there are similarities between them, there are some significant differences as well. 


The first and major difference between these two diets is that the goal with a ketogenic diet is to remain in ketosis (the process of getting the body to a place where it runs on fat alone) permanently. While Bulletproof does encourage ketosis as well, it does so only temporarily. This is because the Bulletproof diet believes that carb-cycling is a better option than no carbs at all. 

Clean Eating 

The Bulletproof diet and Paleo diet have other things in common that a simple keto diet does not. That’s the focus on clean eating. Eating close to the earth, real foods that are toxin-free, grass-fed meats, and dairy products, organic fruits, and vegetables. Keto is only focused on being low to no carb and staying there. It’s important to note that keto is really a weight loss diet, whereas Bulletproof is more focused on whole health, with weight loss being a bonus side effect.


The Keto diet does not include fasting of any kind. Whereas Bulletproof does. In fact, fasting has been scientifically proven to aid in overall health and longevity in both animals where it occurs naturally and humans when they choose to do so regularly. Because the Bulletproof proof diet is focused on overall health and wellness as a primary goal, they include intermittent fasting in their diet. Intermittent fasting or IF is thought to raise your energy levels and help the body detoxify. Ultimately, living a longer and healthier life. 

These are just some of the above differences between two very similar on the outside, but fundamentally different on the inside diets. Understanding the differences between them is key to then being aware of the differences between bulletproof and keto coffee. Read on to learn more! 

Coffee: Keto Coffee and Bulletproof Coffee. Is there a difference? 

Let’s begin with a clear understanding of what Bulletproof coffee actually is. The actual definition is a drink consisting of brewed coffee mixed with grass-fed unsalted butter or preferably ghee and MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) high octane coconut oil. 

Keto Coffee 

Keto coffee is a new product, and it comes from Bulletproof coffee. It is a powdered version of the original Bulletproof coffee, and the idea behind it claims to help people on keto diets reach ketosis faster. Ketosis is the metabolic state when the body is running or burning fat for energy and not sugars. This state enables keto users to drop weight quickly and ideally keep it off because they remain in ketosis permanently. 

However, you can’t just start drinking Keto coffee. Adding just the coffee alone will not help you reach your weight loss goals. However, if you are following the Keto diet regularly, then yes, it will enhance the results for you. 

Basically, Keto coffee is a very high-fat coffee. High fat is the heathiest words you want to hear when following a keto diet. The goal is always to ingest more healthy fats because that is the fuel that your body will run on. Mixing in butter and coconut oil with your coffee raises those healthy fat levels considerably. It boosts ketones and gives you energy as well as satiates your appetite. 

So, do you start adding in Keto Coffee to your diet? Just follow these simple instructions. 

Keto Coffee can be consumed at any time of day, excluding right before bedtime. The best time is in the morning, which is not hard to fathom as this is when most people are looking for their caffeine boost. However, you can also ingest keto coffee at any other time of day when you feel the need to get a quick blast of energy or even when you want to eliminate the need to snack between meals. 

The following are all the options for when to consume a keto coffee: 

In the morning:

Start your day with a glass of water to hydrate yourself before ingesting your morning keto coffee. 

In the afternoon:

When you start feeling low, and brain fog starts to cloud your focus. A quick keto coffee will get you back up and running again even better than before! 

While fasting:

If you are following an Intermittent Fasting (IF) plan, keto coffee can help you to reach those goals without feeling like you are starving or being tempted to quit early before your eating window opens. 

Out and about:

As long as you prepare your keto coffee in advance, you can bring it with you as you move through your day. Before or after a workout, at the office or running errands. 

Ingredients needed for a great Keto Coffee 

  • 1 cup of freshly brewed hot black coffee (from single-origin Arabica beans)
  • 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter or ghee
  • 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil or powder 

Then combine in a blender for about thirty seconds until it looks frothy and creamy like a latte, et voila! Keto Coffee. Not sure how to brew your coffee? Need some tips? Check out our article on all the different ways to brew HERE

Important facts about your coffee. 

What kind of beans to choose to make your black coffee?

The answer is Arabica. Always. Want to know why? Keep reading to find out!

The Arabica plant is a delicate and slower growing plant. It only grows in high altitudes of cold, subtropical climates, needs rich, moist soil and many other specifics to make it grow. The elevation is one of the most important factors when growing the plants that will produce Arabica beans. Typically, this means an altitude of 800 to 2200 meters. The flavour is more complex, and depending on the elevation, the slower the growth of the plants. All of this results in a premium product that is being developed. 

Like many things, the more special care needed to produce the end result, the higher the quality that the end result is. The same is true for coffee beans. Arabica started out as the best the world had seen and still is today, the highest quality coffee bean on the market. This is why gourmet coffees are almost always made from high-quality arabica coffee beans. Some of those premium beans include coffee beans from Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and the blue mountains of Jamaica-but more on where they can be found later. 

A light roast, single-origin Arabica, is best. This means that you know exactly what area your beans have come from. From a single producer or crop even. The reason for a light roast is because the more the beans have been roasted, the less caffeine they have. Light roasts have the most caffeine as well as a brighter, less bitter taste.

Grass-fed butter or ghee? 

This really comes down to preference because they are so similar. Ghee is simply just clarified butter. Ghee has fewer dairy proteins than butter and must go through a simple yet a little bit time-consuming process of melting and straining to use. Both are high fat, but ghee is seen as slightly healthier because of its lack of lactose and casein. On a keto diet, dairy is allowed, but on a bulletproof one, it’s less common. 

The most important thing, however, is that you are choosing organic and grass-fed as a base for either your butter or ghee. 

MCT oil or powder? 

Obviously, one is easier than the other when traveling or going to work; however, there’s more than just these differences. Both are made for keto coffee, though so really, it’s just a matter of personal preference. 

Options? Are there any, and do you need them? 

So many people are so used to putting dairy, sugar, and other things into their coffees, especially those barista-made specialty coffees that this question comes up a lot. Here are some optional ingredients that you may want to consider adding to your keto coffee. 

  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • Unsweetened coconut milk
  • Cinnamon
  • Collagen protein powder
  • Pink Himalayan salt
  • Maca powder
  • Sugar-free cocoa powder
  • Peppermint or almond extract
  • Lavender oil
  • Pure vanilla
  • Stevia
  • Monk fruit 

As you can see, a keto coffee can be simple or more elaborate, depending on your taste. The main thing is that keto coffee is meant to help keep your body ketosis throughout the day. You can have one in the morning and another or two as the day goes on. Ketosis is a guaranteed way to lose weight, and consuming a keto coffee or two will definitely help you reach these goals.

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