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The Benefits of Butter in Your Coffee

It’s time for some coffee talk! Everyone by now has heard of what, at times, seems to be a crazy movement of people putting butter in their coffee. Yes, butter! We used to put it on toast, and now we’re mixing it into our coffee! For some, it has become a ritual they swear by, and for others, it still sounds like the last thing they’d want to drink in the morning. Even professionals have differing opinions. Some say butter is a killer, and others say they too feel energized and never better after drinking it.

So, what is the truth? Do the pros outweigh the cons, or is it all just a passing fad? What we do know for sure is that the people who are putting butter in their coffee are also the people who are super focused on reaching the ultimate epitome of health. It is the people who will not let anything pass their lips without an absolute seal of health approval. It’s also these people who swear that they have never felt better in their lives than after a morning coffee with butter. Are these results just a placebo effect? Well, it seems they are not. Thousands of people everywhere from celebrities to sports stars are backing this theory. And with what results?

Well, results vary from higher energy levels to improved cognitive function, better digestion, and the one that everyone loves to hear…weight loss. Just based on this magical bonus weight loss, many of you are already ready to try it out at least once, right?

Okay, so if that’s you, then let’s go through how it’s done.

Step #1: Choosing the Right Bean.

Not all coffee beans are created equal. This is evident by the foul-smelling and tasting cheap hotel or diner coffee. Why do those coffees taste so awful? Because the beans that were used to make them have mycotoxins in them. These toxins over time can make you sick from the fungus inside them that produces those toxins. Digestion issues, cardiovascular problems, and inflammation are all issues that can occur from drinking this type of coffee on the regular. So don’t just drop a pad of butter into one of those nasty coffees and hope for the best. Not only will it taste disgusting, but it will not be giving you any health benefits. In fact, it will probably make you sick.

So, what should you be drinking? Arabica coffee only.

The Arabica plant is a delicate and slower growing plant. It only grows in high altitudes of cool, subtropical climates, needs rich, moist soil and many other specifics to make it grow. The elevation is one of the most important factors when growing the plants that will produce Arabica beans. Typically, this means an altitude of 800 to 2200 meters. The flavour is more complex, and depending on the elevation, the slower the growth of the plants. All of this results in a premium product that is being developed. 

Like many things, the more special care needed to produce the end result, the higher the quality that the end result is. The same is true for coffee beans. Arabica started out as the best the world had seen and still is today, the highest quality coffee bean on the market. This is why gourmet coffees are almost always made from high-quality arabica coffee beans. Some of those premium beans include coffee beans from Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and the blue mountains of Jamaica-but more on where they can be found later. 

A light roast, single-origin Arabica is best. This means that you know exactly what area your beans have come from. From a single producer or crop even. The reason for a light roast is because the more the beans have been roasted, the less caffeine they have. Light roasts have the most caffeine as well as a brighter, less bitter taste.

Clean, single-origin and 100% Arabica coffee is what needs to be making its way into your cup. These beans are clean and mycotoxin free and will not cause that nasty after coffee crash. Just a great buzz that boosts you up and lasts for hours.

Step #2: Add Butter

First of all, let’s have a look at what is in butter. And, like coffee beans, not all butter is created equal either. You’ll want to be using grass-fed butter. That’s butter from grass-fed cows, not grain-fed cows. Because cows were meant to eat grass not grain and those that do are healthier for it. So, by using the butter from a grass-fed cow, you are getting more nutrients due to the fact that it is made from the milk of a healthy animal.

Which nutrients are we talking about exactly? It’s quite an impressive list:

  • Omega-3s
  • Beta-carotene
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins A, K, D & E

So obviously, all these vitamins and nutrients are great for you, but more than that, these essential nutrients keep you feeling full longer than normal and reduce the typical after coffee crash. Instead, it is replaced with smooth, sustained energy high, and it can kick you into burning fat for fuel to start your day right! And, if you are lactose-free then you can always substitute the butter for ghee (a lactose-free product)

Step #3: Brain Fuel

This is the secret ingredient that finishes off the original recipe. A spoonful or two of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil. Derived from coconut oil, MCT oil awakens your brain and keeps you slim. Because of the way this product bypasses the liver, it is used by the brain immediately and effectively, giving you an increased brain function, higher energy, boosted metabolism, and the kick you need to burn fat longer and more efficiently. 

Basically, this coffee combination is the makeup of what’s known as a keto coffee or a bulletproof coffee. Both are quite similar but with one difference -the beans. Bulletproof coffee is based on a branded coffee bean. Want to know more about Bulletproof coffee? Check out our article HERE.

The reality is, though, as long as you are using quality coffee grinds made from 100% Arabica beans, then a butter coffee or keto coffee will work perfectly for you. The best time of day to drink this type of coffee is the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

How to Add Butter to Your Coffee

  1. Brew about 1 cup of coffee. 
  2. Add 1–2 tablespoons of coconut oil. 
  3. Add 1–2 tablespoons of unsalted butter
  4. Mix all ingredients in a blender for 20–30 seconds until it resembles a foamy latte.
  5. Drink and enjoy!

Butter in Your Coffee: Truth vs. Myth

Many people believe that butter in their coffee provides them with long-lasting energy, boosts mental clarity, and helps them to lose weight. But does it work if it’s the only change you make?

What about the keto diet? Can using butter in your coffee really help you on a keto diet? The evidence suggests that it is possible because it provides extra fuel in the form of ketones for people who are already in ketosis. That’s the key here. Already running on ketones or in ketosis. If you start drinking your morning coffee with butter, and you are still eating pancakes alongside it, the coffee will not be able to do its job properly.

The reason that people feel that adding butter into their coffee can help them to lose weight is because of the feeling satiety that it provides. This is due to the large amounts of fat in butter coffee both from the butter and the MCT oil.

Butter coffee is supposed to give you long-lasting energy without a blood sugar crash. This is due to the slower digestion from the fat. It enables the caffeine to be absorbed more slowly and therefore provides longer-lasting energy.

What about that mental clarity that everyone talks about? Is this a truth or a myth? Well, again, if you follow a keto diet, then the idea is that your brain is using ketones as a source of energy for your brain cells. So again, it’s all about backing up your butter coffee with a keto-based diet in order to have the best results.

So, what have we learned? What is the final verdict? After all this talk of butter in your coffee, there clearly seems to be some incredible health benefits. However, if you’ve been following along, it appears that the best results come with a great keto-based diet to back it up. Would these results still be as evident by just adding butter to your coffee and not changing anything else about your diet? Probably not. Especially not if you are used to eating a heavy carb-based breakfast and a lot of fast and processed foods.

Although starting to make a butter coffee could be a good start, an excellent catalyst for change if indeed, you are committed to making healthier choices in your nutrition as well.

If you’d really like to try out this new type of morning fuel, then go ahead and follow the above recipe for a butter coffee. We guarantee that you will probably feel a small change, but if you want the full effect, make some changes to your overall diet as well, starting with eliminating breakfast and just having this buttery coffee. Then you will truly be able to gauge how long it keeps you full for and how much energy you have. It wouldn’t be surprising that before you know it, you too will have joined the ranks of the buttery coffee experts! Spreading the gospel of mental clarity, suppressed appetite, and boosted energy byways of a buttery coffee to all your friends!

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