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OMAD Diet Health Benefits

Eating once per day is a tradition that has been adopted by several individuals either for shedding excess pounds of weight or for the overall improvement of the health. The one-meal-a-day diet is also known as OMAD.

However, those that practice this diet system have various time intervals that they prefer to have their meals. More so, people who are on the OMAD diet tend to lessen their calorie intake to a short period, and a specific meal.

OMAD is a feeding practice that is related to fasting and calorie restriction. It is quite beneficial in several ways. Before we go into its unique benefits, let us consider how it operates.


It is imperative to note that there are several of fasting practices and several ways to carry out OMAD. For instance, you could just have a single meal and fast for the rest of the day, or you could make a meal and eat small amounts of some food as you observe your fasting periods.

By religiously carrying out this type of diet practice, a calorie deficit is created, leading to weight loss. As opposed to other forms of fasting practices such as the 16/8 style (which is done by an 8-hour eating, and a 16-hour fasting space), having a single meal in a full day is the most extreme methods of fasting. 

Some people subscribe to this form of extreme intermittent fasting practice because few well-known diets encourage it. One such diet is the Warrior Diet. This form of diet involves having one meal in a full day and changing between short periods of energy consumption and long periods of fasting.

Furthermore, most people who carry out the OMAD diet prefer eating dinner as their single meal in a day. However, few others choose lunch or breakfast. Besides, some altering versions of this practice allow the consumption of a snack alongside the meal.

Moreover, some people that practice the OMAD diet take nothing containing calories during their fasting periods, but only when they are eating their single meal for the day.



Fasting has proven to be quite effective in the reduction of blood sugar levels. It helps in enhancing the management of glucose in the body, and it also beats down insulin resistance. A study revealed that three men who have type 2 diabetes for about a decade fasted for three days (taking a single meal for each day). The result was that their sugar level dropped by about 20%.


Fasting is also beneficial when it comes to keeping it. Staying away from food for a while can help the body to have an optimal status. There are lots of exercises you could try on an empty stomach.


As much as acute inflammation is a defense mechanism geared towards fighting off infections, chronic inflammation could be quite detrimental to health. Research has indicated that inflammation may be one of the causes of extreme health deficiencies such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and the likes.  

However, fasting is effective in lessening inflammation levels and improving health. Research on 50 healthy adults revealed that intermittent fasting dropped levels of inflammation. Another study had the same effect when a set of individuals fasted for half a day monthly.


Heart disease is undoubtedly one of the major leading causes of death globally, and adjusting our lifestyle and diet system are efficient ways to stay afloat of this health defect. Studies show that including fasting periods in your daily routine could help in improving the health of the heart. 

A study indicated that nine weeks of alternating fasting decreased levels of bad LDL cholesterol. Besides, a study which involved up to 4,629 individuals showed that fasting lessened the risk of developing coronary artery disease and diabetes (which also contributes to the development of heart disease). 


The body contains a protein hormone (which is referred to as the Human Growth Hormone (HGH)), which aids the body in growth, controlling metabolism, and muscle development and strength. Some studies have shown that fasting could improve HGH levels naturally. 

Moreover, it was discovered in a study that 11 adults who fasted for a full day had a significant increase in their HGH levels.


A lot of people who use the OMAD method are likely to lose weight because there is going to be a decrease in their calorie intake. When you restrict yourself from eating thrice daily, there will be a reduction in your weight because you’ll be consuming fewer calories than you would during a regular eating pattern.

A recent study carried out on healthy adults found that restricting calorie intake to 5 hours later in the day led to a huge body fat loss compared to when they ate three separate meals. 


When you go on an OMAD diet, you’ll notice that you’ll be more focused and productive. You won’t feel the sluggishness associated with waiting for a meal to digest.

Most people don’t know this, but the relationship between your productivity and your diet significantly goes much deeper. The OMAD diet gives your organs less stress. They wouldn’t have to go through any process of digesting much food, so your focus level will be on the high side.


Dietary choices that help to reduce calorie intake are very vital to your hormones. When there is lesser energy directed towards removing toxins and digesting foods, the body cells would have enough time to carry out its repair work.

What this means is that your skin would also be protected against wrinkles caused by free radicals. OMAD diet can also help in the regeneration of tighter and newer body tissues, which indirectly slows aging. Thus, when you go on the OMAD diet, you stand a greater chance of having a youthful glow for a long time.


Most people don’t know this, but a lot of diseases you suffer are as a result of inflammations that occur within the body. This indirectly means that diseases can occur without external infections.

Inflammation usually occurs when the body is unable to get rid of the toxins present in foods. Toxic retentions like this are more likely to happen when you eat more. 

Usually, the digestive system follows a systematic process that includes the passage of food from the gastrointestinal tract. When this system gets overworked, the movement of food is fastened and causes some toxins to remain unfiltered in the body. So, these toxins go into the bloodstream, which finally causes or induces diseases.

Going on the OMAD diet plan will not just reduce your daily spending but also reduce the possibility of getting the disease to the barest minimum.


Across the world, medical researchers have confirmed that there is a direct relationship between eating less and improving the brain’s performance.

By brain performance, we mean cognitive abilities and a high IQ. Limited dietary, like the OMAD diet, helps to sharpen the mind and expand thinking ability. It is believed and has been practiced in a lot of cultures that existed centuries ago.

It has been researched that eating once daily could improve your ability to memorize and learn with ease. 


Scientists have researched and confirmed that calorie-restricted diets such as the OMAD diet could increase longevity. 

If you want to live longer, endeavor to resist your inner hunger, and eat less. The OMAD diet could improve your mood and defend your body against age-related diseases. With the OMAD diet, you can exponentially increase your life span. 

A study published in a cell metabolism journal confirmed that cutting down your calorie intake could protect you against diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.


The one meal a day diet can also improve and speed up your body’s metabolism to burn calories much more effectively and give your digestive system a rest.

The OMAD diet significantly regulates your digestion and promotes a healthy bowel function which further improves your metabolism


When you restrict yourself from eating thrice daily, you could also be improving your immune system. This is because eating less speedily regulates inflammatory conditions within the body.

Usually, when animals get sick, by nature, they reduce their food intake and focus more on resting to get better. This is also how the body works. When there is reduced stress in your body system, your immune system’s ability to fight off infections is faster.

Restricted diets like the one meal a day diet plan could help you achieve this.


Restricted diets like the OMAD diet can help to reduce the growth of tumors and the spread of cancer cells throughout the body.

Cancer has always been known to be characterized by uncontrolled cellular growth. It has been researched that reducing your food intake can boost your body’s metabolism into limiting the risk of developing cancer.


In summary, the OMAD diet has lots of health benefits. Observing fasting periods has its advantages, but you should ensure you don’t overdo it. Otherwise, there may be some medical implications.



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