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16 Great Ways To Reuse Coffee Grounds

In every part of the world, Coffee is immensely famous and renowned for consumption.

This write-up tries to make you have a change of heart in support of retaining the coffee grounds instead of throwing away as it’s quotidian by most people after the coffee has been brewed.

There are lots of ways Coffee grounds can be utilized around a home and a garden and additionally, it has been reported to brighten a person’s looks.

Coffee grounds can be obtained freely from most coffee bars as they usually discard the grounds.

The following are Innovative ways that used coffee grounds can be utilized.

Coffee grounds as fertilizers

Coffee grounds can be employed as fertilizers as they contain essential elements like nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and chromium that are very fundamental to plant growth.

It is well known that as plants grow and mature, they sponge up nutrients from the soil and this leaves the soil with diminished minerals necessary for plant growth. Hence coffee grounds can be utilized as fertilizers to boost soil enrichment and it is easy to apply them to the soil. Simply spreading the grounds on the soil around the plants will suffice.

Moreover, Coffee grounds have the added advantage of been able to entice worms and this worms have several merits amongst which are helping to enable better soil structure as well as serve as a source of nutrients.

Lastly coffee grounds act as contaminant absorbers for heavy metals that adulterate the soil.

Summary: Coffee grounds are well renowned as a rich source of fertilizer for soils used for planting as they comprise a number of vital ingredients. In addition, they also entice worms that improve nutrient enrichment and lastly act as a source of contaminant absorber for impure metals present in the soil.

Compost It for Later

Asides from fertilizer, another way Coffee grounds can be used is serving as a source of compost.

Compost which is also called Humus is naturally gotten from organic disposed food or food waste turned into a rich dark material. They improve the health of plants by helping to absorb both water and nutrients.

Research has shown that if coffee grounds and kitchen waste are the main composition for Compost, the soil becomes more nutritious as opposed to compost comprising of kitchen waste alone.

The composts helps in absorbing organic matter that attract organisms that are essential for soil enrichment. Also composts help in releasing nutrients slowly into the soil as well as ensure that nutrients remain omnipresent in the soil based on their slow gradual pace of decay.

In another study, compost was split into 4 batches comprising proportionally of 0, 10, 20 and 40 percentages of coffee grounds. It was observed that the group that produced the lowest amount of greenhouse emissions and compost of very high quality was the batch that comprised 40% coffee grounds.

Asides from coffee grounds, additional sources of compost include grass clippings, leaves, bark, shredded newspaper, brush, herbs, egg shells, stale bread and fruit and vegetable trimmings.

Meat, cream, cheese, butter, milk bare to be avoided as compost source as they tend to attract pests and host all kinds of bacteria that may affect plant growth.

Summary: To get a marked improvement in plant health, mixing compost comprising of coffee grounds with garden soil is a very good idea. As earlier mentioned, coffee ground boost the levels of nutrients in the soil as well as bring down the level of greenhouse gas emissions of the compost.

Repel Insects and Pests

Coffee grounds comprise of several constituents like caffeine and diterpenes that are fatal to insects. And serve as a deterrent to both insects and pests too. They also act as a powerful repellant against mosquitoes, fruit flies and beetles. Placing them in bowls outdoors or dropping them in bits in seating areas outdoors will repel both pests and insects from encroaching into this areas.

To prevent pests as well as snails and slugs from trespassing into garden grounds, sprinkle the grounds around the plants.

Summary: Coffee grounds comprise of elements that are fatal to insects. They can act as potent repellants on mosquitos, fruit flies, beetles and other pests.

Remove Fleas from Your Pet

It’s a well-known fact that fleas are a big issue in raising household pets as they are quite expensive and much time is expended treating them. 

To use the coffee grounds on a pet, shampoo has to be used first of all on the pet’s fur. Then the grounds are then rubbed all over the fur of the pet and then later rinsed off and then the fur is allowed to dry. It has been observed often times that the pet’s fur has some added glodd after using the grounds on it but this has not been backed by any study or research.

It has also been observed that fleas detest coffee and so coffee grounds can be used as a source of natural treatment for household pets. This is quite preferable to the use of other flea removal products that can be found in the market as most times, they may comprise of toxic chemicals that can have adverse effect on the body of the pet. Though if a pet has fleas and the coffee grounds treatment does not work on it, a vet can be contacted for a recommended solution.

One major downside is its toxicity to animals. Dogs most especially have an adverse reaction when they consume grounds. Hence, the grounds is preferably used externally.

Summary: Similar to insects, Coffee also acts as a repellant to fleas hence washing a pet’s fur with grounds will act as a deterrent to fleas.

Neutralize Odors

Coffee grounds can be utilized to eliminate bad odors from a variety of sources.

This is due to the fact that one of the constituents of coffee grounds is nitrogen, which upon combination with carbon will help to remove stinking sulphuric gas from the air.

In fridges or refrigerators, they can be placed in a bowl to nullify odors emanating from bad or fragrant foods.

In places that need deodorizing, like shoes, sneakers, cabinet drawers, closet drawers, under a car seat, coffee grounds can be placed in this areas.

Grounds can also be kept inside socks or pantyhose that are no longer used and then utilized to make air fresheners.

Furthermore, after cutting garlic or onions, coffee grounds can be used to thoroughly wash the hands thereby eliminating the lingering smell from your hands.

Summary: Coffee grounds can aid in getting rid of bad or foul smelling odor from a wide ranging variety of sources like sneakers, fridges, bedroom drawers etc. They can also eliminate lingering smells emanating from onions and garlic if they are used as a hand scrub.

Use It as a Natural Cleaning Scrub

Coffee grounds possess a host of antibacterial as well as antiviral properties hence it can be used for sanitization. Additionally, due to its coarseness, they are used to eliminate build up on tacky surfaces. 

Coffee grounds can be used employed as cleaning agents if you don’t want to use chemicals.

In the kitchen they can be utilized to scrub kitchen sink as well as burnish cookware and rubbing down the grill. Though you have to be cautious in ensuring that they are not used materials that are porous to avoid staining them.

Summary: Due to their coarseness, coffee grounds can be used to remove buildup and also clean a variety of hard-to-clean surfaces like cookware, grills, kitchen sinks etc.

Scour Your Pots and Pans

Coffee grounds can be employed to remove build up from kitchen utensils that are difficult to clean due to their exceptionally abrasive nature.

Additionally they can be used to scrub plates and also eliminate build up from pots and pans. You just have to pour the rounds on the pots and pans, scrub them with it and then rinse rigorously rinse them.

Summary: Due to their coarse nature, coffee grounds can be employed to scrub pots and pans and remove build up on their surfaces.

Exfoliate Your Skin

A mixture of coffee grounds with a little amount of water and coconut oil can be used as an exfoliating agent in the removal of dirt and dead cells on the skin by applying and washing your hands and feet with this combination.

Additionally they can be repurposed as an exfoliating lip scrub by simply mixing it with a little portion of honey.

Moreover, coffee grounds can be used as protection for the skin against the high intensity of the sun as it contains enough caffeine which possess powerful antioxidant properties.

Lastly, coffee grounds can be utilized to improve skin health by increasing blood flow. 

Summary: coffee grounds can be converted into exfoliating agents by mixing it with a small amount of honey, water or coconut oil and then used on the skin and face to remove dirt particles as well as dead cells. They also improve skin health.

Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Cellulite, a skin affliction associated with 80 – 90% of mature women is a condition that makes the skin appear dimpled and lumpy.

Cellulite is normally seen around the buttocks and thighs and it happens when fat deposits protrude through the connective tissue underneath the skin.

Coffee grounds can employed to break down this fat and at the same time aid in increasing the blood flow to this area as they possess caffeine and the effect of this is that the visible cellulite will be reduced.

To use the grounds for this purpose, mix it with water or coconut oil and wash the area affected by cellulite thoroughly for 10 mins. This should be done at least twice in a week.

Summary: Coffee grounds, if applied judiciously can be utilized in reducing the appearance of the fat deposits around the thighs and buttocks by breaking them down and it can also aid in improving the flow of blood in the area affected.

Use It as a Natural Dye

Coffee grounds can be used to cover stains on clothes and towels as well as give clothes a stylish look.

To recreate a cheap and natural dye that can be employed to color cotton, rayon, cellophane, linen and paper, the coffee grounds can simply be dampened with water.

Moreso, they can be used to color Easter eggs as well as dyeing dark hair to deepen the color.

Coffee grounds are preferred to traditional dyes as t they don’t contain lots of chemicals that commercial food and hair dyes possess which can lead to cancer and secondly they are nontoxic. 

Summary: Coffee grounds that have been used are preferable to harsh and toxic chemical dyes as they are less harmful and damaging. By just dampening them, they can be used to darker hair or used to dye paper or fabric.

Clean Your Fireplace

Pouring coffee grounds over ashes can make the task of cleaning ashes from a wood burning fireplace easier as the coffee grounds prevents the ashes from scattering all over the pace by weighing them down.

Doing this serves the dual purpose of making the ashes easier to clear as well as  helping to stop dust from escaping and moving towards other areas in the room.

Summary: Coffee grounds can be utilized to bear down on the ashes in a fireplace thereby making it less tedious to clean. And remove the ashes.

Tenderize Meat

Most people tenderize meat for the basic reason that it is easier to chew  as well as easily digestible due to the fact that the muscle fibers and proteins that the meat contains has been broken down thereby giving the meat a softer texture.

The most natural sources of meat tenderizers are salt, acids and enzymes. The last two of the aforementioned are constituents that can be found inside coffee grounds and they are a very good catalyst for making meat tender. Coffee ground’s acidity helps in improving the flavor of the meat.

To use as a tenderizer, combine your favorite dry rub recipes with used coffee grounds and then add this mixture to the meat. This should be done 2 hours before commencing cooking. A dark crispy layer is formed by the grounds while they are getting cooked into the meat.

Another method for tenderizing meat asides from cooking is to make coffee with used coffee grounds and when the coffee is cooled, utilize it to marinade the stored meat in a refrigerator. Leave this for 24 hours in the refrigerator before cooking.

Summary: Coffee grounds are very effective in tenderizing meat as they possess natural avids and enzymes that can break down the meat and improve the flavor.

Stimulate Hair Growth and Strip Buildup

Test-tube research has shown that deploying coffee grounds on the human hair helps catalyzes its growth as coffee grounds possess an essential constituent, caffeine. 

Further research on humans and animals has also shown that smearing caffeine on the skin helps in growing hair faster as well as improving blood flow in the body. 

Utilizing coffee grounds as exfoliating agents and treating the scalp is recommended as they help remove buildup as well as dead skin cells.

To use coffee grounds on the scalp, a handful of them is just ok and this is used to knead the scalp and hair for a few minutes. The hair is then washed and rinsed and after 30 mins, shampooing can be done.

For faster results, this can be done once or twice in a week or as recommended.

Summary Employing used coffee grounds as exfoliating agents will go a long way in eliminating dead skin cells and buildup of products on the skin and additionally they can aid in accelerating hair growth.

Repair Scratched Furniture

Owners of wooden furniture can attest to the fact that it can easily be scraped and scratched.

There are several kinds of products in the market that can help mitigate this scratches from becoming prominent but if you have coffee grounds at home, they can readily be utilized.

To prepare, coffee grounds and water are combined together to form a thick paste. A cotton swab is then used to smear the paste on the scratch. It is left for close to 10 minutes and then cleaned up with a piece of cloth.

This smear solution helps to phase out the scratch and hide it by giving it a dark-brownish hue.

A range of colors can be gotten if you continuously rub at the scratch with coffee grounds using a cotton swab. If applied judiciously, the required color can be gotten.

Summary Coffee grounds can be deployed to conceal out scratches and possibly color them to match the desired color of the wooden furniture.

Grow Mushrooms

Mushrooms can only grow well in conditions that are perfect amongst which must be the presence of an underlying layer typically called substrate.

Used coffee grounds are the perfect substrate that can be employed for growing mushrooms as they possess vital nutrients essential for mushroom growth.

Most importantly the grounds have already sterilized while they were brewed and this is a helpful step in the mushroom growing process.

How to Grow Mushrooms in Used Coffee Grounds

1) Spray about 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg) of grounds with water to make them wet

2) combine the wet grounds with around 1 pound (500 grams) mushroom spore and sawdust mixture.

3) This combination can then be put into a bucket or any other container big enough and filled around the range of one-half to two thirds full.

4) Create an incision of 4 holes on the sides of the bucket but not on the bottom. This should be around 5mm in size. If an open container is utilized, more holes should be opened on the sides and then it should be covered with a cellophane.

5) To keep the grounds wet or damp, they can be sprayed with water once a day.

6) After about 2 weeks to a month, little mushrooms start to pop out covered in dense white areas. Once this appears, the container can be transferred to an area where the air is much lighter and fresher.

7) The mushrooms can then be harvested once they become mature and their cap turn inwards.

Shiitake and oyster varieties of mushroom respond easily to this method of growing mushrooms but this method can be used to grow other varieties as well.

Summary Coffee grounds are the ideal substrate and mixed with enough moisture are perfect for growing mushrooms.

Treat Under-Eye Circles

 Unlike other parts of the body, fat tissues are quite thin under the eyes thereby the area quite delicate. Hence, signs of aging can first be detected in that area.

The growth of dark circles and swelling of the eyes can be caused by a variety of factors namely weak blood vessels as well as poor blood circulation with skin of low quality. 

Research has shown that skincare products that possess antioxidant and caffeine can be utilized in concealing the appearance of aging as well as reduce puffy eye appearance. 

Coffee grounds possess caffeine which can be used to curb inflammation issues as well as act as a catalyst to enable blood flow properly around the eyes and this can aid in minimizing the appearance of dark circles and swelling around the eyes. 

Additionally coffee also possesses antioxidants which help to tackle free radicals, a vital factor that causes skin to age.

To prepare this mixture, coffee grounds is mixed with water or coconut oil to form a thick paste which is then applied under the eyes for around 10 minutes before washing it out. This procedure can be done daily or as recommended.

Summary caffeine and antioxidants are vital constituents of coffee grounds. They can be used to minimize aging as well as conceal the appearance of dark circles and swelling if they are applied to the skin.

Are Coffee Grounds Safe to Consume?

The consumption of coffee has been connected to improved wellbeing of individuals as they act as some mild treatment for several ailments like diabetes, stroke and several forms of cancer.

However this is not necessarily the case for coffee grounds as several renowned doctors have been wary of recommending them for treatment.

Coffee grounds can be linked to the increase in cholesterol level of individuals due to the possession of elements like cafestol and kahweol. The compounds are not in coffee as they are filtered out but they exist in the grounds.

One research showed the effects on participants who consumed close to 7 grams of coffee grounds daily. Their cholesterol level sky rocketed by 26 points after 3 weeks.

However coffee grounds can be consumed or used to prepare foods like baked goods, meat rubs and sauces. As long as the grounds are not consumed too often or in excess you are ok.

Summary cafestol and kahweol are two elements in Coffee grounds that can cause cholesterol level to rise. Coffee ground is safe to be consumed in small quantities and on occasions.


After brewing coffee, a lot of people throw away the grounds but there are lots of ways in utilizing this grounds.

Coffee grounds contain caffeine and antioxidants that help to combat puffy eyes, cellulite and conceal signs of aging skin.

Additionally, they possess nutrients that are helpful for plant growth and act as a deterrent to pests in a garden.

More so, they can be employed as household cleaning agents due to their coarseness.

And so when you brew coffee, do well to utilize the grounds with one of the myriad of ideas in this write up.



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