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Benefits and Differences of Collagen vs. Gelatin

Collagen and gelatin are fast becoming the preferred supplements in the market today. They both are very versatile and can serve many purposes. We’ve seen them even used in soups and sweets.

It is still not so clear to everybody what the difference between the two is as they have so many similarities. This article will show you some of the differences and tips on how to get your own daily fix of these supplements.

Collagen vs Gelatin

Gelatin is basically derived from collagen as it is a broken down form of collagen. Collagen is the most common protein in your system and it makes up a large part of all the connective tissue in your body mass.

Collagen is like the building block of healthy skin, muscle, bones and joints. When you have a deficiency of this protein in your system, your overall health suffers. Collagen undergoes various stages of break down into amino acids which are further absorbed into the body.

Collagen and gelatin have several similarities in terms of the benefits we derive since they are made up of the same amino acids. However their applications are a little different and some people break down gelatin a lot easier.

Gelatin is soluble in hot water and cooing it helps separate and isolate it from other compounds. When gelatin is mixed with water, what you have is a gel like substance but collagen is not at all soluble with water. . Due to this, you will see that gelatin will have more practical uses compared to collagen especially when it comes to cooking.

The conversion of collagen to gelatin goes through a lot of processes that breaks down the bonds within its structure into specific amino acids. The extraction of the resulting gelatin is carried out with a combination of hot water and acids that help hydrolyze collagen into gelatin. Afterwards, the resulting compound undergoes filtration and sterilization processes to take on the final dried form for commercial use.

It is generally better to do as little processing as possible with these supplements just as any other food. When gelatin is derived under the lowest possible temperature, there is very minimal degradation in its overall structure.


Gelatin and collagen have a variety of health benefits. This article will go through some of the top benefits that have been found to be most potent.

  1. Decreases joint pain

When there is a deficiency of collagen in your system one of the first symptoms is regular joint pains. Research has shown that a consistent intake of these supplements can alleviate these issues with your body and improve your general mobility.

 Collagen is also helpful in dealing with issues surrounding rheumatoid arthritis. This arthritis is a form of autoimmune disorder that causes swelling in the joints. Studies have shown that collagen supplements are very effective in dealing with these swellings and joint issues and some patients have registered a complete recovery.  

  1. Promotes Gut health

Studies have also shown that collagen and gelatin are very effective in treating leaky gut syndrome. This is a condition where the gut leaks toxic substances into the digestive tract and consequently the blood stream. This results in inflammation throughout your body.

These inflammations in the intestines can be reduced with these supplements and they help to strengthen the barriers in the digestive tract.

One of the main differences between collagen and gelatin is in the area of digestibility. They both have a low molecular weight and it might be easier for your body to absorb provided you do not have any digestive issues.

  1. Support glowing skin

Collagen is very important to your skin health and introducing a healthy dosage of these supplements into your system can help reverse the effects of aging and have your skin glowing.

Research has shown that consuming collagen peptides consistently for 8 weeks will result in clear and improved skin elasticity and moisture levels and the good part is that there are no side effects of these supplements. Collagen has also been found to improve the firmness of your skin and cancel out wrinkles and dryness.

  1. Reduces Hunger

The protein levels in collagen and gelatin are very similar and this makes up a great deal of their overall content. They are rich in amino acids and this is very useful to your body when it comes to regulating cravings. They also help cut down on the overall intake of calories and ghrelin levels in the system. All of this add up to the excellent regulation of hunger and cravings in the body.

  1. Strengthens Bones

These supplements have both been found to improve the strength of bones in the body. One of the elements in the body responsible for strong bones is copper and this mineral is in significant levels in gelatin and collagen. According to a study in china, unusual levels of copper in the blood can be associated with fractures and lower bone density.

Collagen has also been found to be of use in the treatment of other issues such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. According to a study by case Western Reserve University, a daily consistent dosage of the supplements will alleviate pain that comes with these arthritis in the knee or the hip and help with overall bone health.

How to use

You can easily get collagen and gelatin in the supplement form and it can be used in a variety of ways. You can also mix these supplements into drinks, smoothies and soups and these can be very nutritional to the body. Your recommended dosage will depend largely on the specific supplement you want to be taking but it is generally recommended to take around 10 to 20 grams at a time. You can also use gelatin to cook but make sure you soak it in cold water for a few minutes before using it in your desserts, soups and sauces.

You can also work these supplements into a bone broth. This is a great alternative to throwing away the bones from your meat. You can simply put them in a slow cooker and simmer for about 48 hours before skimming the fat and removing any solids.

Risks and Side effects

Whether or not you decide to use these supplements, there are very little side effects to worry about. You can safely consume these supplements without worry as they form part of a healthy diet.

However, if you have any food allergies, you must ensure to confirm from food labels to see that your body agrees with all the ingredients. Some of these supplements can be gotten from sea food, poultry and beef. So be careful with these if you have any allergies.

Generally supplements do not have any flavors, but they sometimes have an unpleasant after taste in your mouth. To make this more tolerable, you can take these supplements with smoothies and other drinks.


Collagen and gelatin are similar in a lot of ways with a very few differences

Gelatin is derived from collagen and the main difference between the two is the digestion and absorption.

Both supplements have a lot health benefits and they can help with bone and joint pains and improve gut health. They also help with reducing the effects of aging.

Gelatin is more suitable for cooking as it is soluble in water and you can mix these supplements into drinks and smoothies.



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