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Featured in Jason Khalipa Coffee With Khalipa Podcast - Professional CrossFit Games athlete and 2008 CrossFit Games champion 

If You Drink Black Coffee, You’re A Superior Human Breed

However, you don’t have to drink black coffee that tastes like a herbal concoction. Hang Loose Coffee is a coffee blend that you will love drinking black.

We understand that black coffee tastes horribly bitter (especially if you’re used to consuming sugary meals). And that’s why we took the time to create Hang Loose Coffee which is more than just coffee, but the ambrosia of Superior Humans!

Why Drink Hang Loose Coffee?

Hang Loose Coffee offers all of the health benefits of drinking coffee, which we’re sure you already know. So we wouldn’t bore you with all that information about how it helps lower the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, improves your memory, burns fat, and more. Rather, we think you should know that, in addition to improving your physical and mental health, Hang Loose Coffee has the extra benefit of having no bitter taste or horrible after taste.

Thus, with Hang Loose Coffee blend, you don’t have to drown your coffee in milk and sugar – which overrides the health benefit of drinking coffee, and you can enjoy all the health benefits of drinking coffee without scrunching up your face. 

We are the official coffee bean supplier of Esi Bildosola:

-Fittest Man in Israel 2014

-Fittest Man in Israel Masters 2018

-1st place Aphrodite games Masters 2018

-Fittest Man in Israel Masters 2019


"I am serious about my coffee and I order/receive freshly roasted beans weekly. I have had coffee all over Europe and have tasted many of the top coffee brands from there and here (U.S.A.). I made the first cup of Hang Loose thinking ok these coffee grinds smell amazing, but all good coffee beans and grinds usually do until the let down comes after your first sip and you get all the bitter flavors.

When I took the first sip of the Hang Loose, I anticipated a letdown because advertising is always an exaggeration of the reality, however, I was surprised at the taste. You recommended drinking the Hang Loose coffee black and about how smooth the coffee is that way. It definitely is the smoothest coffee I have ever had black! When I was drinking the coffee I thought this is the first cup of coffee that really tasted as good as the aroma of the beans/grinds. Hang Loose is on to something and I would recommend anyone who likes to drink black coffee to try it to see the difference!" - Tony C.

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I never got it 🧐

Outstanding Coffee

I love it and I highly recommend it!

Simply Amazing

Smoorh flavor, no cream needed.


Excellent coffee

Best coffee then regular

The best taste of coffee ever !
Quickly to make the best coffee , for great results full of energy and boost!
Very light on your stomach , great taste for every zip you take !!
Very recommended I order 2 kg every two weeks , Quick response in the web and Quick respond in the web and quick she been and fast shipping !

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