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Esi Bildosola

🇮🇱 Fittest Man In israel 2019

Coffee With Khalipa podcast

Featured in Jason Khalipa Coffee With Khalipa Podcast - Professional CrossFit Games athlete and 2008 CrossFit Games champion 

Less Sugar & Dairy = Better Health

We understand that coffee is quite bitter. That’s why it took us 4 years to create this delicious blend.

Esi Bildosola

We are the official coffee bean supplier of Esi Bildosola:

-Fittest Man in Israel 2014

-Fittest Man in Israel Masters 2018

-1st place Aphrodite games Masters 2018

-Fittest Man in Israel Masters 2019

Distinctive and delicious!

"This coffee is as high quality as a Kona in my book! Delicious and very distinctive. I prefer it to Peet's Major Dickison, which I had thought was pretty rad until I tried Hang Loose! LOVE THIS!" 

-Melissa Marote

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Customer Reviews

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Hang Loose sample
Thanks so much for the review Chelle. :)
Distinctive and delicious!

Thanks for your feedback Melissa. I'm very happy to hear our coffee lived up to what we promise :)

Best coffee
Thanks Esi! :)
Really good coffee
Very happy to hear Tina. Thanks for your review :)
Product review
Thanks so much for the review Wendy!
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