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Esi Bildosola

🇮🇱 Fittest Man In israel 2019

Coffee With Khalipa podcast

Featured in Jason Khalipa Coffee With Khalipa Podcast - Professional CrossFit Games athlete and 2008 CrossFit Games champion 

Don't Break Your Fast - Enjoy Your Coffee

Drinking black coffee will enhance the benefits of intermittent fasting helping you see quicker improvements in your health.

Fasting is a quick and easy way to get into ketosis. When you don’t eat any food, your body will work through its carb stores, then begin to burn fat for fuel.

As such, fasting pairs well with a keto diet, helping your body get into ketosis quickly.

Fasting alone is great for keto, but drinking coffee during a fast can add an even bigger boost to your keto diet.

Recent research has found that caffeine increases ketone production, making coffee a great choice to pair with your fast.

Esi Bildosola

We are the official coffee bean supplier of Esi Bildosola:

-Fittest Man in Israel 2014

-Fittest Man in Israel Masters 2018

-1st place Aphrodite games Masters 2018

-Fittest Man in Israel Masters 2019

Distinctive and delicious!

"This coffee is as high quality as a Kona in my book! Delicious and very distinctive. I prefer it to Peet's Major Dickison, which I had thought was pretty rad until I tried Hang Loose! LOVE THIS!" 

-Melissa Marote

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Customer Reviews

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I love this coffee

It was my first time buying this hangloose coffee and I totally love it. Delivery was fast, I definitely recommend.


Coffee was well balanced and flavorful without making me jittery. Would Recommend

Taste like tea

I found this coffee tasted and smelled like tea (slightly) and very organic. Strange. Not sure I would buy again.

Coffee is fantastic

I really like the coffee! Great flavor and smells really good

Great coffee!

Love this coffee. It has a nice smooth flavour. Just the taste I look for in my coffee.

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